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Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS)

Unrivaled Wireless Solutions That Deliver Greater Agility

IT Challenges and Priorities

The stark realities of the slow global economy have significantly changed the priorities of IT organizations and placed a strong emphasis on increasing efficiency while at the same time reducing costs. Most organizations have limited IT spending. To weather the storm, many are conserving resources by considering only projects that save money with short return on investment periods.

As the economic tide slowly begins to turn, a new challenge is emerging. Competition among companies and communities for growth and advancement is growing fiercer. Growth will be earned only through more responsive and convenient customer services. Advancement will require super-charged internal processes that are more efficient and more accurate. IT organizations will need to be enablers of more agile operations and services by building a strong and secure network that empowers individuals with the right information at the right time.

A Leader In Wireless

No one knows wireless like Motorola. A pioneer in wireless communications, Motorola leverages more than 80 years of leadership in wireless technology and customer support. As an acknowledged global leader in the industry, Motorola has earned the trust of a wide range of organizations around the globe, with more than 10,000 networks now in operation in more than 120 countries. Our customers include many of the most progressive and successful organizations in the world, including province and federal agencies, shipping companies, service providers, automobile manufacturers, medical organizations, colleges and universities, retailers and hundreds more.

The Motorola Difference

True leadership means not only delivering top wireless solutions today but also paving the way for customers to forge ahead into the future. Motorola believes in developing holistic wireless solutions that are designed to work seamlessly together while also giving customers the flexibility to use them with other wireless systems. Motorola also focuses innovation on streamlined and integrated network management, troubleshooting and security as keys to unlocking the full agility potential of wireless solutions.

Building Agility

Mobilizing voice and data onsite.

Robust performance of Voice over Wireless Local Area Networks (VoWLANs), mobile computers and laptops is ensured through the up-front use of Motorola's application-specific network design tool. Highly reliable and secure WiFi access in every covered indoor area gives workers the freedom to be effective wherever they are; and Motorola's integrated voice solutions allow users carrying Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) VoWLAN smartphones, voice-enabled mobile computing devices and two-way radios to talk together whenever needed.

Extending to new places.

Whether covering new outdoor areas with WiFi access networks or building new broadband connectivity to hard-to-reach facilities, Motorola's outdoor wireless broadband portfolio can quickly establish secure and reliable network presence which gives workers the ability to serve customers or protect citizens wherever they are in new, more immediate and responsive ways.

Capturing and sharing video.

Motorola gives customers the flexibility to place cameras anywhere they are needed for security, incident response or collaboration. From temporary mesh wireless camera pods at events to indoor WiFi cameras in locations that would otherwise be difficult to reach, video can be captured and then delivered in real time to users with wireless devices on the network. Motorola's WLAN access points and outdoor wire­less broadband links have superior QoS supporting even heavy video streaming applications.

Backing-up and replacing leased lines. Industry-leading wireless Point-to-Point Ethernet bridges from Motorola can help ensure business continuity by serving as a redundant back-up network for traditional leased line connectivity, or they can reduce recurring costs by serving as a T1/E1 replacement. In each case, Motorola's powerful network design tools help determine in advance the type of equipment and the deployment locations that will best ensure maximum reliability.

Managing the network.

One Point Wireless Suite's network management tools leverage key information from network design software and powerful map-based visualization technology to make management easier and more efficient. This helps maximize uptime through earlier issue identification and faster recovery, which gives users greater confidence in their wireless network. Advanced troubleshooting tools also give the level 1 helpdesk staff the ability to resolve issues more quickly.

Securing and defending the network.

Whether detecting vulnerabilities or defending from a malicious attack, Motorola's industry-leading wireless intrusion protection software and superior hardware-embedded security features keep the wireless network running smoothly so that the impact to users and operations is minimized.

An Unrivaled Portfolio of Wireless Solutions

Motorola's wireless portfolio ranges from indoor to outdoor wireless access networks with WLAN and outdoor Mesh Wide Area Networks as well as Fixed Wireless Broadband. It also spans from network infrastructure to a broad range of wireless devices. Designed for the most demanding environments, Motorola's enterprise and public safety handheld devices are known for superior ruggedness and smarter usability. Our wireless network solutions portfolio is complemented by powerful network design tools developed to help deploy the most cost-optimized and reliable networks. Working together, the broad set of solutions delivers greater interoperability and smoother, faster deployments.

Trusted Networking from Motorola

Once deployed, the wireless network is holistically managed for maximum uptime through the Motorola Wireless Manager for outdoor networks and the RF Management System for indoor WLAN. Network management is made easier and more efficient by utilizing breakthrough map-based visualization capabilities including real-time network status in live Google maps as well as flexible configuration templates and informative performance reporting plots and dashboards.

The AirDefense advanced troubleshooting module empowers the level 1 helpdesk to address user issues quickly and efficiently while the 24/7 gap-free vigilance and wireless intrusion protection of the AirDefense Solutions protects the network from attacks and detects security policy violations as soon as they occur. These tools, together with hardware-embedded security and performance optimization features, make a Motorola wireless network a strong yet flexible base on which to build new wireless-enabled agile operations and services.

Anywhere Access

To get real-time information into the hands of users at the point of work, the wireless access network is extended with the right devices and applications for the job. Motorola's TEAM VoWLAN solution provides integrated mobile access to critical commu­nication services while also creating interoperability with voice-enabled mobile computing devices and two-way radios.
The results of this ubiquitous real-time access go directly to your bottom line; they include increased responsiveness, enhanced collaboration, faster and better decision-making, significantly increased efficiency and improved productivity.

Putting It All Together: Staying Ahead of the Curve with Wireless Agility

Whether you are a business or a government agency, growth and progress depend on exceeding the expectations and needs of increasingly connected customers and citizens. New agile operations and services are a key factor in staying ahead of the curve in our new economy. As a leader in wireless network solutions, Motorola helps you build wireless agility through the use of holistically managed and secured wireless networks and devices. That enables your organization to get the right information in the right hands right when it is needed for maximum impact and effectiveness.

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