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eCitations: your ticket to increased revenues and productivity

The cost of paper-based citations is high: every year, agencies lose millions of dollars. Illegible handwriting or technical error cause large numbers of tickets to be dismissed. Manual processes require officers to spend more time issuing tickets and generating paperwork – and less time protecting the public. In addition, many provinces, provinces, counties, and municipalities are facing a budget crisis. As the economy contracts and tax bases are diminished, province and local governments will continue to experience severe budget shortfalls.

That's why it is more critical than ever that law enforcement organizations help their jurisdictions maximize the revenue they receive from other sources. For instance, fines collected from parking and traffic violations alone can represent up to three percent or more of a city's revenue. Unfortunately, today, many jurisdictions actually lose a significant portion of the revenue they could be collecting from parking and traffic citations.

Motorola's mobile ticketing solution, known as eCitation, addresses these issues by automating the process. When officers carry a rugged handheld computer with an eCitation solution, a ticket can be easily and accurately issued in record time – often under a minute. Citation information is then sent to headquarters – seamlessly and automatically, letting the officer get back to protecting the public.


 Helping Protect Chain of Custody at the Scene of the Crime

Mobile Evidence Tracking

Primary Marking Systems' eTactical Weapons Identification and Security Tracking or eTWIST © 2009 [Patent Pending], is a barcoded Windows Mobile 6.x based software designed for unobtrusive tracking of Evidence. eTWIST is perfect for Law Enforcement, Military, or Private Enterprise Applications needing Chain of Custody.

eTWIST makes full use of Microsoft and Symbol/Motorola technoligies.  It is designed in the latest .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and makes use of  Microsoft's Compact SQL to store data along with Motorola's API library to access Barcode Scanning, Camera, GPS (Capturing location of pictures), and printing of barcode labels to a Zebra GX420T printer.  With the Motorola MC55/MC75 devices you have many connection options such as USB, Bluetooth, Wireless, or Cellular.  All data can be imported into our Backend system storing to MS SQL Server 2005/2008 or into any custom system you may already use with only minor work.

Improved accuracy and optimization of time in Law Enforcement is Primary Marking Systems' reasoning behind creating eTWIST.  Too often an officer is stuck behind a Desk Hand Entering data from the day into backend and reporting systems when they could be out patrolling the streets or following up on other cases or duties.  The average Police Agency receives about 100 cases per week with 25 of those needing evidence tracking taking officers an average of 2 hours to input into backends or handwrite on reports.

eTWIST allows that officer to collect enter, and scan that evidence in the field.  Using the MC55/MC75 handheld they can enter all data about a case- Case Information, Suspects, Victims, Evidence, and Remarks.  They can enter all data, take pictures, scan barcode labels to tag evidence and print Evidence Room Labels all on-the-go.  Everything is stored on the handheld that can then be imported to the backend in a matter of seconds.  If they need to make changes or updates they can do it on the Handheld and re-import or do it right in the backend.  You can have multiple Victims, Suspects, Evidence, and remarks with a picture for each Suspect/Victim and multiple pictures of Evidence with the option to GPS Location Stamp the picture if available for even more accuracy than the location specified in the location fields.

PrintSearch Mobile

Way Beyond Mobile Identification

PrintSearch Mobile is an "in-the-field" mobile identification and electronic ticket writing system using a forensic quality fingerprint scanner and proven state-of-the art identification and biometric matching software. The complete system is an integrated personal digital assistant, fingerprint scanner, digital camera, 2D barcode reader, and support of wireless communications. PrintSearch Mobile provides in-the-field mobile positive identification, pre-booking, and book and release, with notice to appear documents. For book and release offences, PrintSearch Mobile saves time by eliminating costly transport to a booking facility and additional time at the jail for the booking process.

The wireless system updates all permanent records automatically providing the ability to create and complete booking information in the field using a wireless connection to the central booking application.

  • Interfaced with court and jail management systems, printing a citation and a notice to appear and providing positive identification.
  • GPS auto fill of exact location with reverse geo coding and street address
  • Fingerprint image is printed on the citation for proof of identity

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