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Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) Express

TEAM Express is the fast, easy, cost-effective way to enable push-to-talk communications among multiple, disparate devices, including Motorola voice-capable mobile computers and bar code scanners, and TEAM devices. Completely server-less and deployed through a simple software download and set-up, TEAM Express improves employee accessibility, responsiveness and productivity while leveraging existing IT investments. TEAM Express will also interoperate with two-way radios using the TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS), as well as future TEAM voice solutions, further expanding your voice communications options.

Features and Benefits

The TEAM Express solution delivers a number of strategic business benefits:

Improves customer service and worker productivity
By extending voice communications to different devices, workers can continue to use the device best suited for their job and still be able to communicate with others using different devices.

Simplified, server-less architecture
The TEAM Express 1.0 solution eliminates the complexities and costs of server-based voice communication solutions.

Protects and extends the value of customers' existing technology investments
The TEAM Express 1.0 solution can be added to existing mobile computers and devices, and can interoperate with existing two-way radio systems (with the TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS)).The solution can also leverage the existing WLAN network, requiring minimal infrastructure work.

Reduces operational expenditures
The TEAM Express 1.0 solution requires minimal provisioning and management.

TEAM Express solution features include:

Group broadcast
Enables instant employee accessibility for improved customer service and productivity; eliminates annoying overhead pages.

Private response (1-to-1)
Enables direct and private communication between co-workers and managers for fast private response.

Flexible deployment options
Provides easy deployment and management; reduces the cost and complexity typically associated with managing mobile devices.

Flexible security model: (Open, WEP, WPA-TKIP-PSK)
Allows the enterprise to choose appropriate level of security required within the network.

Simplified server-less solution
Minimizes impact to the WLAN network with the need of additional voice infrastructure.

Intuitive and easy to use
Virtually eliminates training costs; provides the reduced learning curve needed for worker groups with high turnover rates.

Interoperability with mobile computers, TEAM smartphones and 2-way radios
Leverages investment in existing technology while enabling value-add capabilities; TEAM Express is supported on Motorola's MC55, MC75 and MC70 mobile computers, and TEAM VoWLAN EWP1000/2000 R1.5 Smartphones and can interoperate with existing two-way radio systems (with the TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS)

Straight-forward expansion path to outside the 4 walls
Built-in support for future TEAM voice client solutions enables enterprises to easily expand capabilities.

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