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The TEAM solution gives your workers mobile access to the people and business information needed to perform virtually any task. They get the toll-quality experience of a deskphone on-the-move, enterprise-grade push-to-talk service and text messaging, all over your existing WLAN. In addition, since our TEAM devices are built on the Windows Mobile® platform, workers can also access email, personal productivity applications such as contact lists and calendars as well as line of business applications that provide a mobile anywhere, anytime window into inventory, pricing, customer data, task lists and more.


Motorola's TEAM solution offers the maximum in flexibility. Start with one or all of the available services, and easily add services to meet new business needs. Services are delivered through the TEAM Base System, a hardware appliance with system software, and include:

PBX-based telephony
Extend deskphone services to your mobile workers

Enterprise grade push-to-talk (PTT) services
Enable private (one-to-one) and group (one-to-many) calls; define up to 255 dispatch groups to reach entire departments and specific teams at the press of a button

Corporate email, calendar, address book and other personal information management (PIM) applications
Keep workers in touch and on top of schedules, task lists and more

Text messaging services
Enable fast, effective communications between workers within the WLAN

Internet and intranet access
Provide easy access to web-based applications and information as needed throughout the business day

Line of business applications

Provide instant access to business-critical server-based applications, allowing workers to view customer data, place orders, check inventory and more — wherever they happen to be

No matter how large or small your business is now or how you might grow in the future, our TEAM solution can meet your needs. The system can easily scale up to support as many as 4,500 users.


When you choose TEAM, you can expect the superior performance that has made Motorola a leader in mobility solutions. Highly efficient speech codec processing and advanced algorithms prioritize voice packets on the WLAN address jitter, latency and packet delay, so your users experience true toll-quality mobile voice on every type of call. In addition to support for all the latest encryption and authentication standards, the TEAM solution also encrypts all voice packets as they travel over the air, providing an extra layer of security for all your voice calls. And a single central point of control allows IT to easily and remotely manage all TEAM-based voice and data services.


The TEAM solution gives you the power to connect your entire team — even if they use different devices on completely different networks:

TEAM Express

Enable instant, simple push-to-talk communications between TEAM devices and your Motorola mobile computers. Workers have the device they need for the job, but can still stay in touch.

Learn more about TEAM Express

Two-way radio integration (Radio Link Solution – RLS):

Enable push-to-talk communications between your two-way radios and TEAM-enabled devices. With the addition of Motorola's RLS, your two-way radios become more powerful, able to reach beyond the two-way radio network.

Learn more about TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS)

TEAM VoWLAN Smartphones

Give your workers a single pocketable device for all communication needs with Motorola's TEAM VoWLAN smartphones. The EWP2000/2100 semi-rugged VoWLAN smartphone is built to endure the demands of everyday use in the enterprise, offering sealing against moisture and dust as well as a rigorous 4 ft./1.2 m drop specification that meets military standards (MIL-STD 810F).

Learn more about TEAM VoWLAN Smartphones

Push-to-Talk over WLAN Enterprise Wireless Badge

The TEAM badge (EWB100) brings a new level of portability and affordability to mobile voice, enabling easy deployment of basic PTT voice communications over the wireless LAN. A mere 1.6 oz/45.37g, the tiny wearable device enables enterprises to empower virtually any task worker with the ability to send, receive and privately respond to PTT broadcast calls. Interoperability with a range of Motorola mobile computers (equipped with TEAM Express), TEAM VoWLAN smartphones and two-way radios (through TEAM RLS) keeps task workers connected to their workgroup, supervisors and more, improving collaboration, task management and productivity.

Learn more about Push-to-Talk over WLAN Enterprise Wireless Badges

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