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WLAN Client Radio Devices

LA-4137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

LA-4137 Wireless  Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

Motorola's LA-4137 delivers the power of 802.11b wireless connectivity to today's most popular mobile computers, PDAs and notebook computers with a CF-to-PC card adapter.

At the office, at home or in public hot spots such as airports and coffee shops, users can remain productive and connected to their corporate network, the Internet, e-mail and other critical business applications with 802.11b Wi-Fi interoperability. Battery life is extended with advanced power management, which delivers low power consumption. The data transmission rate is automatically adjusted as wireless signal strength decreases, enabling maximum roaming range without losing connectivity.

LA-5127 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

LA-5127 Wireless  Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

Deliver the power of 802.11b/g wireless connectivity to application-specific enterprise, retail, medical and industrial devices and equipment with the LA-5127 Wireless Networker™ CompactFlash® radio card. Optimized for embedded mobile applications, it offers the robust security such applications require, as well as low-power modes for longer battery life and load balancing to maximize bandwidth.


LA-5137 Wireless Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

LA-5137 Wireless  Networker CompactFlash Radio Card

The latest in Motorola's portfolio of client radio cards for embedded mobile applications, the LA-5137 Wireless Networker™ CompactFlash® Radio Card delivers 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity to medical devices and other mission-critical equipment. It offers robust security in accordance with HIPAA and PCI standards, as well as low power consumption, efficient roaming and load-balancing to maximize device and network availability.

Backed by Motorola's OEM product development support, the LA-5137 is built on the same code base and worldwide radio chipset as the LA-5127 for ease of migration. Its software development kit for Linux and Windows CE can be customized and ported to proprietary operating systems.

CB3000 Client Bridge

CB3000 Client Bridge

Extend affordable and secure 802.11a/b/g wireless connectivity to multiple Ethernet devices — including cash registers, scales, time clocks and more. The CB3000 Client Bridge provides affordable and reliable wireless connectivity for Ethernet devices that do not have a PC or PCI card slot.

Connect everything from printers, scales and medical equipment, to manufacturing machinery, bar code readers, time clocks, cash registers and other data collection devices via an RJ-45 port. This cost-efficient connection point can support up to 16 wireless clients via an Ethernet hub. And advanced security capabilities protect your traffic from being deciphered and your network from unauthorized access.

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