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Motorola WLAN Security

Motorola AirDefense WLAN Security

The industry-leading AirDefense intrusion and rogue prevention for wireless LAN detects and stops intruders while enhancing Motorola's integrated L 2-7 stateful firewall, VPN, AAA, and role-based access control.

  • Intrusion Protection. It's essential to guard your network against unauthorized access. Motorola AirDefense solutions provide 24x7 monitoring of your wireless LAN, safeguarding proprietary information and enabling compliance with government regulations for protection of personal and financial information such as health and credit card data. Motorola AirDefense solutions allow you to identify hackers, attacks and network vulnerabilities, and to instantly terminate the connection to any rogue device.

Troubleshooting. The same Wi-FI sensors that monitor the network can also be used to troubleshoot problems by simulating client devices and testing the connecĀ­tion from client back in to the application server. This simplifies and accelerates problem resolution at the level-one help desk stage, as well as saving time by correctly escalating larger problems to the right expert team.

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