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Enhance campus connectivity, productivity, safety & security for a better learning environment. Technology makes it possible to extend learning far beyond the classroom. From lab to dorm room, Motorola offers Wireless solutions to cover every facet of campus life.

Answering the Call for Critical Solutions

Education entities across the country constantly struggle to meet a wide range of needs for students with limited, even decreased, funding. Now more than ever, schools rely on technology to support management, student communications and e-learning initiatives, and even use it to attract new students. Keeping up with technology trends that adequately serve students and ensure their safety is challenging, but vital today and in the future. Motorola two-way radio and wireless broadband solutions present simple, effective answers to many of these important challenges.

Motorola Solutions

Education + Motorola

Many of the challenges facing the education industry can be addressed by improving communications in the schools. Motorola two-way radios and accessories and wireless broadband are rooted in superb technology and innovation that provide a dependable and effective solution.

Education Interoperable Communications Solutions

Motorola solutions provide security, resiliency, scalability and manageability to deliver a cost-effective centralized wireless enterprise.

Two-Way Radios for Education

The case for two-way radios

Versatile and easy to use, Motorola two-way radios provide the immediate communications tool to help maintain order, manage operations, and enhance student safety.

Voice and data integration

With the integration of voice and data, Motorola digital radios can cut through the noisy backdrops that can be common at schools. Noise suppression technology can limit background noise, and text messaging capabilities enable discreet communications or an alternative when voice communication is not possible.

Emergency notification

Teachers, bus drivers, crossing guards and coaches can take immediate action when disturbances or emergencies occur. Motorola radios include emergency call features to alert a safety or security team.

Campus security

Security staff can program MOTOTRBO™ radios to receive an alarm text message when an emergency door is opened, and radios allow you to retrieve and send critical messages on the move, wherever you are in the building.

ASTRO 25 Voice and Data Communications

Motorola's ASTRO® 25 integrated voice and data network allows your campus security and police to focus on operations, not the technology. A Project 25 standards-based system allows campuses to interoperate with multiple internal departments as well as neighboring communities for improved communications during everyday operations and disaster response.

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Two-Way Radios

Motorola's diverse array of portable and mobile two-way radios offers solutions that better enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce. No matter the size of your organization, Motorola has portable radios to meet your communication needs for your in-vehicle needs, Motorola mobile radios provide crisp, continuous and high quality communications.

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MOTOTRBO Digital Radios

MOTOTRBO™ Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System: With more performance, productivity and value, the next-generation professional two-way radio is here. Thanks to digital technology, MOTOTRBO delivers double the capacity, improved audio clarity, 40% longer battery life and integrated data applications. MOTOTRBO is ideal for organizations that require customizable, dependable communications.

With a versatile portfolio of portable and mobile two-way radios as well as accessories, MOTOTRBO offers a private, standards-based solution that is both cost-effective and easily tailored – a complete package for your campus' unique communication needs.

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Be prepared for when the FCC Narrowbanding mandate goes into effect. Nationwide licensees operating on 25 kHz radios systems will soon need to operate using 12.5 kHz efficiency channels.

As a trusted leader in two-way communications, Motorola has been preparing for 12.5 kHz technology for over decade and offers the broadest choice of two-way radio equipment with close to 60 models capable of operating in 12.5 kHz efficiency. While Motorola radios purchased in the last ten years are likely dual mode 25/12.5 kHz, older equipment may need to be replaced. Contact your local Motorola representative today to help you prepare for a smooth and cost effective transition.

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Motorola Parts and Accessories

Only Motorola Original Products are performance-matched to guarantee the same high standards of quality that you enjoy with your Motorola two-way radio. When you see the Motorola Original logo on the products, you know the products are built and tested to meet the highest standards.

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Education Wireless Management & Safety Solutions - Campus Security Solutions

Motorola solutions help campuses design, deploy and manage wireless networks over large areas.

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Wireless Broadband

Enable richer learning experiences with connected campuses.

The case for wireless broadband

Motorola broadband solutions help to enhance the learning experience, reduce costs, improve communications, comply with government mandates and tighten security.

Ubiquitous connectivity

Wireless networks allow speedier access to research, online repositories, learning portals, course management systems and supports faster campus-wide communications in emergency situations. It also enables anywhere, anytime learning, which is a huge selling point for potential students.

IT security

Motorola wireless broadband solutions use the latest in Wireless Intrusion Protection technology to both maximize network security and facilitate easier, quicker troubleshooting and technical support for schools' IT staff.

Campus safety

State-of-the-art IP-based video surveillance helps monitor perimeters, parking lots, dormitories and other hard-to-reach campus locations—from a security room or in the field—with a handheld device or laptop. Integrate IP-video surveillance with existing video and access-control systems for one comprehensive solution.

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Wireless LAN for Education

Deliver access anywhere and campus security with cutting edge networks.

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TEAM VoWLAN Solution

TEAM Voice over WLAN (WiFi) smartphones are part of Motorola's TEAM VoWLAN solution, which turns the desktop into a pocketable virtual office, delivering comprehensive mobile access over the WLAN to the voice and data services needed to increase productivity, collaboration and customer satisfaction.

The TEAM VoWLAN solution provides workers within the enterprise with a single device to meet all their communication needs. Built on the robust Windows Mobile® 6.1 or 6.5 standard, TEAM Voice over WLAN (WiFi) smartphones will deliver mobile access to the fundamental communications services.

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